Editorial: Every little helps

Hello reader,

My deputy-editor, Vikki, is normally better for writing an editorial that has more of a human touch, but today I will attempt to match her and do the same.

During a presidential campaign, we watch the candidates go from state to state, picking holes in each other’s manifestos, taking centre-stage on TV debates and being at the forefront of their respective political parties.

It’s easy to forget the people who work behind-the-scenes, providing the candidate with the relevant statistics, fact-checking the opposition and preparing their nominee for the best they can possibly be.

In no way am I diminishing how hard a candidate works on a campaign trail. Far from it. I don’t envy their schedule whatsoever.

However, I want to highlight how hard the campaign team behind the candidate works, the amount of overtime they put in and the commitment they give.

If the candidate makes a mistake, the team behind him doesn’t give up and go home, particularly when Election Day draws nearer.

They work even harder to rectify that misdemeanor and try to turn that mountain back into a small molehill.

As campaign teams for President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney prepare themselves for a relentless final few days, our production staff for our coverage on Election Night are working with bags under their eyes to make sure this is a success.

I am already proud of the amount of hard work that has been put in by a number of people. Some have lived and breathed this project, letting it take over their lives.

We are beginning to joke that a number of us may as well move into the Media School at Bournemouth University, due to the amount of hours we spend there already.

On the night itself, we will have a number of presenters who will become the face for our coverage and have already featured as part of our advertising campaign.

Whilst they deserve plaudits as well, the work of those behind-the-scenes shouldn’t be forgotten – particularly the sub-editors, editors, online writers, technicians, reporters, and lecturers who have got us to where we currently stand.

This has been a collaborative effort from a number of people at Bournemouth University and from further ashore.

This is not something exclusive to journalism students. We have opened this up to Communication and Media, English, PR and Politics and Media students.

We also have students from postgraduate journalism courses helping, as well as those who study International Journalism.

Whatever happens on Tuesday evening, this will be the culmination of weeks of hard graft and effort to produce coverage up to a professional standard but something that’s engaging for young people.

I hate to use a tagline from a well-known supermarket chain as an editorial headline, but the concept is true.

Without everyone contributing what they have and what they continue to give, there’s no way we’d be able to pull this off alone.

We are eternally grateful and hope that all of this hard work comes together on Election Night and you’ve been satisfied with our coverage so far.

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