Editors’ Choice: 25/10/2012

Hello. Welcome to “Editors’ Choice”, the part of the site that attempts to help you break down some of the day’s political news. We understand heavy amounts of data, a constantly growing number of polls and periods of political flip-flopping can be enough to dissuade anyone’s attention. Each day we will present you a few tidbits that we think you’ll enjoy. If you notice anything on the ol’ World Wide Web that you think we should include, let us know. Don’t be shy. 

Today’s choice: Invisible Obama returns whilst Mitt Romney has campaign donation success


Front Page of the Day

Invisible Obama and Mitt Romney on front cover of The New York Post (Source: webmedia.newseum.org)


Stat of the Day

In the first half of October alone, Mitt Romney’s campaign raised $111.8 million. Officials said this left Romney and the Republican Party with nearly $170 million cash at his immediate disposal.


A story you may have missed…

President Barack Obama became the first president to vote before Election Day, as he visited a community centre in Chicago this afternoon to do the deed.

Campaign officials remarked Obama’s decision to vote early was part of an overarching strategy to encourage early voting.


Celebrity endorsement of the Day

In 2008, Fred Golding and will.i.am’s “Yes We Can” music video helped launch Barack Obama’s presidential bid. Today, Golding unleashed a sequel onto the ol’ World Wide Web.

Named “Forward“, to tie in with Obama’s 2012 campaign tagline, we hear Ne-Yo acknowledging how far America has come under Obama’s stewardship – taking a rare break form singing about his complicated love life.