Editors’ Choice: 28/10/2012

Hello. Welcome to “Editors’ Choice”, the part of the site that attempts to help you break down some of the day’s political news. We understand heavy amounts of data, a constantly growing number of polls and periods of political flip-flopping can be enough to dissuade anyone’s attention. Each day we will present you a few tidbits that we think you’ll enjoy. If you notice anything on the ol’ World Wide Web that you think we should include, let us know. Don’t be shy. 

Today’s choices: Money, money, money… and zombies


Quote of the Day

“It was a little surprising to read that editorial, because it didn’t seem to be based at all in reality – not just in the president’s record, but in Mitt Romney’s record.”

(Stephanie Cutter, a senior adviser for Barack Obama, on the Des Moines Register’s endorsement of Romney that didn’t seem to be “based at all in reality”)


A story that you may have missed…

After reviewing a number of federal reports, Politico has unearthed a number of larger donors indirectly financing Barack Obama’s presidential campaign through Super PACS.

Large contributions in September and the first fortnight of October included financial assistance from Hollywood producers Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg and Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane.


Poll of the Day

The presidential race is tied in Ohio, according to the most recent Akron Beacon Journal/Ohio Newspaper Organization Poll.

Both candidates remain on 49%. A similar poll a month ago showed Obama had held a 51-46 percent lead over Romney, suggesting independents have become more evenly split between the two candidates.


Video of the Day

Sci-fi writer and producer Joss Whedon argues electing Mitt Romney as President would lead to a zombie apocalypse. Standard campaign tittle-tattle between both sides.