Election Poetry: My Own

By Nicole Marie

A woman’s fear of a Romney victory

My Own

Patriarchal oppression has gone on for centuries.

Despite the ongoing fight against this,

The patriarchal system blames women for crimes committed against us.

Instead of telling men “do not rape”,

They tell us “don’t get raped.”

“Don’t provoke them.”

“Don’t dress that way, you’re asking for it.”

“Don’t go out alone.”

Instead of telling men,

“Be respectful.”

“Treat women right.”

“No means no.”

They allow them to continue with this false notion of superiority;


Electing Mitt Romney for president,

is patriarchal paradise.

Romney would deny me the right to absolve myself of blame,

yet he would give absolution to my rapist.

Romney would deny me the right to rid myself of a baby born of rape,

yet give my rapist paternal rights over that child.

Romney would deny me the right to buy contraceptives,

yet allow me to buy firearms to seek my justice.

The Patriarchal system,

knows no bounds.

They know no chain that they place upon us

Or of crushed dreams, which they helped to crush.

Why is it so difficult,

to allow my body to be my own?

Do not punish me for wanting an abortion

Or the doctor that would help me do it safely.

Do not judge me to be pregnant,

two weeks before I have actually conceived.

My will is my own, my body is my own.

Romney is not a woman,

no matter how much he is trying to be.

Leave that to actual women,

no matter what gender they may be.

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