President Barack Obama leads in swing state polls

By Beth Price

With only six days to go until Election Day, swing-state polls give President Barack Obama a lead in terms of electoral votes.

Although Mitt Romney is leading in the national polls by 0.8 percentage points, seven out of the 11 swing states are predicted to vote Democrat.

This means that if the election took place today that would net President Obama an extra 44 electoral votes securing him the position of President by a margin of 5 votes for the second term running.

Colorado is still indecisive with voters showing an equal preference for Romney and Obama. But even if they did decide to vote Republican in today’s hypothetical election, their nine votes would not have any effect on the outcome.

The popularity of the two candidates has swung dramatically in swing states since May according to polls by Gallup, ABC News and Reuters among others. There have been several points during the campaign trail that Obama has had a lead over Romney before results change again at the end of the month.

Several states appear to have changed their political party allegiance since the last election, if they vote the way they are expected to in polls. For example, Florida, which is predicted to vote Romney for president, voted Democrat in the 2008 election, and it is the same case in Virginia. Also North Carolina, which is predicted to vote Republican this year, voted Democrat in 2008.

The majority of states are either solid Republican or Democratic but Florida, Virginia, New Hampshire, Colorado, Ohio, Iowa, Nevada, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina are still too close to call, with a 110 electoral votes up for grabs out of a total of 538.

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