Stars to put on swing state shows for Obama

By Chloe Penfold

Katy Perry, Jay Z and Bruce Springsteen – among others – will all perform in the final days of Obama’s campaign, celebrating support for his re-election.

Concerts have been organised in key swing states, in which voter support is crucial for both candidates.

The swing state of Ohio – worth 18 Electoral College votes – is currently playing host to both President Obama and Romney in the last working days of their presidential campaigns.

In Columbus, Ohio, on Monday night, Jay Z and Bruce Springsteen will be performing to show their support for Obama.

The act comes as no surprise to many, as Obama’s celebrity following has never been silent about their political views. Earlier this year Jay Z hosted an Obama campaign fundraiser in the 40/40 Club, New York and voiced the close relationship that him and wife Beyoncé Knowles have with the Obamas.

Katy Perry, Marc Anthony and Gabrielle Union and the Dave Matthews Band are also taking part in another Obama Concert this Saturday in Milwaukee, in the swing state of Wisconsin.

Perry made headlines earlier last month when she performed in a ballot-paper inspired dress, highlighting her vote for Obama.

Her bold political statement followed the Democrat endorsements of fellow celebrities Jennifer Lopez and Eva Longoria.

Both Perry and Springsteen have headed to Twitter to advertise the concerts highlighting their excitements for the events, and Perry emphasising the importance of voting to her followers.



After the last few days of destruction along the East Coast, Obama’s celebrity Democrats are out to create a more uplifting atmosphere around Election Day.

Meanwhile, Romney’s A-List supporters continue to dominate the twittersphere advocating his candidacy.

High-profile Republicans include actress Stacy Dash,Hollywood producer Jerry Bruckheimer and Donald Trump.

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