Superstorm Sandy suspends election campaigns

By Hollie Borland

President Barack Obama and Republican nominee Mitt Romney have suspended their election campaigns as a result of the impact of superstorm Sandy.

Obama has cancelled an event in Green Bay in order to remain in Washington to monitor the storm and Romney has cancelled rallies in Wisconsin.

However, despite cancelling the Wisconsin events out of respect for those affected by Sandy, Romney will instead be attending a ‘storm relief event’ in Kettering, Ohio.

The Republican event was already scheduled to take place, but rather than collecting donations for the campaign, Romney is now asking for money for the relief effort of the storm. Randy Owen, country music favourite and Richard Petty, stock car racing icon are to attend the even alongside Romney.

Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan’s scheduled campaigning in Wisconsin is still set to go ahead.

Romney’s wife Ann is continuing her campaign tour, attending her own relief events in Wisconsin and a Victory Rally in Des Moines, Iowa on Tuesday night. The two States have been least affected by the storm, in comparison to States such as New York, where a power plant has exploded and the subways have been flooded.

Wisconsin has not voted Republican in a presidential election since Ronald Regan in 1984. However, over the past three elections, less than one per cent of the votes have decided a Democratic win.

Former President Bill Clinton is continuing the Democrats campaign in Colorado in an effort to get people to go out and vote for Obama.

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