Social Media Selection: 31/10/2012

With six days to go, there is still plenty of time for the social media world to have its say on the upcoming election. In the lead up to November 6th we’ll try to bring you the top social media moments emerging from the campaigns.


Are the key issues of this election getting lost in the memes?

This question was posed by Al Jazeera on Twitter today, and it certainly sparked much debate. Here are just some of the responses:






Although Sarah Kendzior, a writer for Al Jazeera, says memes are a useful way to parody politics, she thinks that they can also have the tendency to lose track of what’s at stake.

What do you think? Are memes just a bit of fun, or are they actually distracting us from the political failings of the candidates?


The Obama Campaign in Pictures

Chip Somodevilla, a Getty photographer travelling with President Barack Obama, is building a name for himself through posting some of his behind the scenes shots on Instagram. A couple of the exclusive snaps are shown below.