Rise in support for gay marriage since Obama took office

By Tash Salmon
A national survey has found that almost two-thirds of the Democratic party are now in favour of gay marriage.

The survey, carried out by the Pew Research Center, asked almost 3000 people whether they supported gay marriage in America.

Asked in June and July of this year 65% of democrats said they were in favour of gay marriage, a 15% rise since Obama became president.

Obama’s repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy in the US military was seen by many as a milestone in the progression of gay rights in America and the president, and his actions, have allowed major steps forward in just four years.

The survey also showed a 5% rise in the number of Republicans who say they agree with gay marriage and a 7% rise in independent voters.

Stephanie Cann, a student studying at the University of Massachusetts, lives with her lesbian parents back in the UK. She says she has found it hard adjusting to the different attitudes held by Americans about gay marriage.

“I thought America would be first in line to support gay marriage, but for such a new country they have very dated outlooks. The UK is definitely leaps and bounds ahead of coming to terms with today’s culture.”

With regards to the rise in Republican voters supporting gay marriage Stephanie is still unconvinced that their support will rise in unison with the Democrats.

“Its great that support is rising but with Romney’s supporters, if anything, I feel that it will go the other. When I tell Americans about my parents back in Surrey, the reaction is just completely different from my friends at home.”

Another major influence President Obama has had on gay rights can be viewed as his announcement of personal support for gay marriage in April this year.

The research center found that the President’s own support for gay marriage, despite it being a difficult decision due to his religious beliefs, did not impact the public’s opinion of him.

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