CNN highlights how tight presidential race is

By Sarah Hugill

On Sunday, CNN reported in the run-up to the presidential election there is a ‘dead heat’ situation arising between candidate Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama, with predictions of a 49% of votes each. It seems that voters are almost equally divided on certain factors such as whom they agree with on key issues, with 51% indicating they agree with Obama and 50% saying they agree with Romney. A survey conducted by George Washington University has also tied the voting at 48%. This suggests that the voting could go either way; it is going to be an extremely tight race.

CNN have mirrored similar statistics to those found by the ‘Pew Research Centre’ and ‘Gallup’ suggesting that Obama is receiving the majority of female votes of 53 % but only 44% of men, whereas Romney is the opposite as he holds a 10% point lead among men. Therefore, it could be assumed that perhaps their campaigns are targeting a certain sex in society.

The CNN exit poll has also suggested a contrast in geographical divides. Obama appears to be leading in the Midwest, Northeast and Urban areas, whereas, Romney is ahead in the South, West, Suburban and rural areas.

CNN have also indicated that a mere 12% of Obama supporters say they’re going to cast a ballot against Obama, whereas Romney supporters suggest that 37% of them will be voting against the current President.

Therefore, CNN, supported by the George Washington University, indicate that the voting will be extremely tight. It Is likely that the majority of America will be perched on the edge of their seats to see the final outcome. Will Obama manage to attract more male voters? Or perhaps Romney will attract an increased number of supporters from the urban areas? Only time will tell.

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