County commissioners in church brawl

By Ash Hover

Two Bay County commissioners were involved in a public brawl, after Democrat Kim Coonan, who has held the 6th District seat since 2002, tore down Republican campaign signs for Joe Davis, the 4th District’s second-year representative.

Both parties have differing accounts of the fight, which took place outside Our Lady of The Visitation Parish church.

Davis states he wants a police investigation, after claims he was beaten to the ground in the brawl. But Coonan denies he threatened anyone, believing he was purely defending himself after Davis apparently charged towards the Democrat before what was called a “shoving match” followed.

Davis said his lip, eye and back were injured in the early-morning exchange and has stated that he’s already filed a report with the Bay City police with plans to seek a restraining order against Coonan, which could become a problem seeing that they often sit just feet away from each other at County Board meetings.



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