Voting continues despite Sandy

By Sarah Hugill
Superstorm Sandy hit the east coast of America last week causing devastation in the states hit, raising concern over residents ability to vote.  
Various ways have been set up for the victims of ‘Superstorm Sandy’ to be heard. New York have brought in shuttle buses by the dozen to transport people from the hard-hit costal areas, every fifteen minutes, to the polling stations allowing them to vote by affidavit from any polling place they can reach.
New Jersey has also helped the victims of the storm to be able to cast their vote in the election. Those in emergency shelters have had ballots delivered directly to them.
West Virginia are not letting their community down, and are instead relocating polling precincts away from further outbreaks from Superstorm Sandy. Those who wish to vote still have the chance.
Authorities are also conscious of informing voters if the locations of their polling stations have changed. Regions such as, New Jersey Coast have expressed a creative side by hiring a converted camper to bring mail-in ballots to shelters in Toms River, Burlington Township and Pemberton. 
It is clear that the 2012 election is a significant part in American history and they are not willing to let Superstorm Sandy stop them from voting the President. 

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