Final days of campaigning

By Tash Salmon

In the final days of campaigning, presidential candidates, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have travelled across the country to get the votes they need.

Yesterday saw the competitors and their vice presidents heading to the key states that threaten to swing the election either way.

Obama kicked his last day of campaigning off in Madison, Wisconsin, with a performance from Bruce Springsteen, and special mention of the democratic and openly gay senate nominee Tammy Baldwin.

Later, at 4pm local time, the president headed to Ohio for his 100th rally of the campaign and as a state which has only sided with one loser since 1944 it is crucial to Obama in keeping his position.

By 10pm the President was in Iowa, an important rally after he lost their support shown in his 2008 campaign as they changed their political allegiance to Republican in the 2010 midterms.

Joe Biden also did his rounds, visiting Sterling and Richmond in Virginia, but Bill Clinton headed up a vital rally for the Democrats in Pennsylvania after a shock late surge in Romney support.

Romney spent his final campaign day hosting four different rallies.

Mr. Romney told the crowd at Florida’s Orlando Sanford airport “we need every single vote” and he displayed his determination to get these votes as he pursued onwards to other key swing states.

Virginia supporters welcomed Governor Romney after midday, despite his lack of support by government workers within the state.

The Republican’s evening was held in Columbus, Ohio, and later at 10pm in Manchester, New Hampshire, where Romney tried to push for some final support.

But where and when the candidates were campaigning today were not the biggest news, early voting, as demonstrated by Obama drew in masses of people.

Early voting has been encouraged in this election to battle with the amount of people who cannot vote on election day.

Twitter has been flooded with pictures from Florida, Virginia and Ohio of early voters filling cark parks, streets and city centers.

Today, Romney breaks tradition by making a final push as he heads back to Ohio and then to Pennsylvania before heading back home to Boston. Obama will not be campaigning but is staying in Chicago, reaching swing-state voters in media interviews.

Where are the candidates and VP candidates campaigning in last two days?

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