First Lady Michelle Obama appeals for campaign donations

By Rosie Saxe

First Lady Michelle Obama has sent out an email asking voters to “chip in five dollars or more” for Obama’s campaign as the race to the finish line draws nearer.

The President’s campaign team are attempting to catch-up on campaign donations after continually being outraised by Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

The email added, “Will you step up and do that right now, before it’s too late?”

The First Lady will hold a campaign event at Hampton University on Friday, making her first campaign stop on the Peninsula this election cycle.

She will also hold an event at Virginia State University in Petersburg on the same day.

Candidates and their spouses have frequently visited Virginia during the campaign, with Obama and Romney in a virtual dead-heat.

Meanwhile, Romney, who has had no executive role to play in response to the storm, has faced scrutiny after continuing his campaign.

The Republican nominee resumed campaigning today in the swing state of Florida, a state critical to the Republican’s hopes of taking the White House.

Money is also being poured on states more familiar voting Democrat, such as Minnesota, Pennsylvania and Michigan as Romney bids to expand his outreach.

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