Florida proving tight to call

Voting in the Southern state of Florida has closed.

The swing state is seen to be a key battleground in the race for the White House, holding 29 electoral college votes.
Although polls have now closed, counting is expected to continue into the night with the state proving to be particularly tight.
Victory for President Obama is likely to see him retain office, however if candidate Mitt Romney wins the state the battle is likely to remain in the balance.
Current projection polls are showing the race to be too close to call, with many projecting each candidate to have 49.6% of the vote.
It is important to remember that a 0.5% difference will require a recount, and given that the state will be crucial in deciding the result of the election, scenes reminiscent of those seen in 2000 when President Bush and Candidate Al Gore were tied in the state could appear once more.

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