Governor Chris Christie praises President for Sandy reaction

By Ryan Burrows

In a showing of bipartisanship, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has praised President Barack Obama for his quick and compassionate response to the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

The duo met with each other at a shelter housing many of those left unable to return home following Monday’s superstorm, which reached landfall on the Jersey Shore and caused major damage across the state.




Despite receiving plaudits from voters for a show of strength in the connection between the two men, both the Romney and Obama campaigns have played down the political edge to the event.

The move comes in stark contrast to remarks made by the Governor during the campaign. Just last week Christie told supporters at a Mitt Romney rally he was tired of the President’s ‘arrogance’ and said he wanted to ‘help’ the President by pointing out his ‘massive leadership failings’.

‘‘It’s anybody’s fault but mine, he says. Please give me four more years and I will figure it out… Do you know what, Mr. President? I am tired of waiting for you to figure it out.’’

Governor Christie did not run in the Republican primary this year but has been tipped to make a presidential bid in 2016. He faces re-election as governor next year.

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