Hurricane Sandy on its path

Heavy early turnout in states hit by Sandy

By Katie Hooper

Election day turnout is currently considered to be high on Tuesday in several storm-hit areas of New York and New Jersey according to the Washington Post.

Despite the damage caused by Sandy that has left many residents without power for eight days, lines were long in Point Pleasant, N.J., where Jersey Shore residents of Point Pleasant Beach and Mantoloking are having to cast their votes due to damage in their hometowns.

Reports from the area say that voters are happy to be able to get their chance to vote.

However, voters will be able to e-mail their votes until Friday in New Jersey.

In Oregon, there is a 60.4% turnout as of 1:50 CST.

Meanwhile, Dean Logan in LA, 22.9% 11am pacific.

Despite DeBona’s vote, both New Jersey and New York are likely to be voting for President Barack Obama according to YouGov.


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