High turnouts expected after hurricane Sandy

Sarah Redman

High voter turnouts are expected in super storm Sandy affected areas.

New York city has attracted hordes of people in lengthy lines, queuing for their vote, one week after super storm Sandy hit the East coast of America, causing widespread mayhem. Across Brooklyn many of the polling stations were deemed unfit or unstable in the aftermath of Sandy, so many makeshift polling stations have sprung up across the affected areas.

However, these long waits frustrated some voters believing this election to be even more critical in the wake of Sandy. Others are finding the locations of the makeshift polling stations amusing. The stations vary from schools, churches, shopping centres and comically, a Chicago pet store.

Similarly, residents of Point Pleasant Beach and Mantoloking, New Jersey were forced to cast their votes from Point Pleasant, Jersey Shore, N.J. as a result of the damage caused by Sandy. Many polling stations have talked of extending voting hours or adding extra voting days if less than 25% of expected voters turn up, due to the displacement caused by Sandy.

Both President Barack Obama and Candidate Mitt Romney toned down the blatant political campaign statements during the devastation of Sandy.

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