How the candidates will spend the night?

By Jack Cozen

The two Presidential candidates are set to spend the evening of Election Day in similar fashion, although their activities during the day are expected to be vastly different.

Following his final campaign speech last night, Barack Obama returned home this morning to Chicago, and will spend the evening at his home in the Hyde Park region of the city.

The President will then hold his campaign rally at McCormick Place convention centre, in front of volunteers who aided the campaign in the run-up to Election day. Supporters who are not ticket holders are expected to gather at a CNN organised event in the city centre.

Mr. Obama’s opponent Mitt Romney, on the other hand, has decided instead to continue his rallying efforts throughout the day. Having earlier cast his vote in his hometown of Belmont, MA, Romney now heads to Cleveland, OH before ending the day in Pittsburgh, PA – a state which once looked out of the Republican candidate’s reach, but now provides a real chance for him to gain votes in the electoral college.

Following this, Mr. Romney plans to spend the evening in Boston, with up to 5,000 supporters and journalists expected to be present at the city’s Convention Centre.


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