The most expensive election, ever

By Sophie Clements and Sarah Hugill
According to the Election Commission, $4 billion has been spent on the US Election so far, making it the most expensive election in history. $1.29 billion has been raised by PACs and $385.7 million by Super PACs.

Since the start of the Presidential campaign, independent groups have spent at least $522 million on television advertisements. The most active groups have been Super PACs, which can raise unlimited money from individuals, corporations and labor unions. Although these groups cannot legally be tied to a candidate, several of the most-active ones are run or advised by former associates or campaign staff. 

In total, the Obama campaign has raised $934 million and spent $852.9 million. Romneys campaign has raised $881.8 million and spent $752.3 million.This includes the candidate, Party Committee and the Primary Super PAC.

In 2008, Presidential candidates spent $1.7 billion, clearly this year they have completely exceeded this total.
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