Problems with email voting in New Jersey

By Emily Connah

Residents in New Jersey are not able to email their votes due to an emergency experiment.

Major problems and obstacles have occurred, such as computer glitches, causing the voting deadlines to be extended.

The voters were unable to obtain electronic ballots, and the county clerk’s offices contacted the state to expand the deadline to Friday afternoon at 8 p.m.

The problems have been down to a misunderstanding, as email ballots were merely supposed to be an offer to the victims of Superstorm Sandy. When many who were not displaced used the system, the pressure was too high.

There are also concerns that computer hackers will be able to access the votes, and manipulate them. According to J. Alex Halderman, an electronic voting expert at the University of Michigan, it is possible to electronically tamper with the process. He said voting electronically is very risky.

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