New York City death toll rises after Sandy

By Hollie Borland

The number of people killed by the superstorm Sandy has risen to 48, many of which have been caused by falling trees.

The superstorm swept through New York at speeds of 80mph on Monday, causing the ‘city that never sleeps’ to shut down. Today, the financial district is closed for a second day, whilst water has flooded the construction site of the unfinished World Trade Centre.

“It’s really sad, especially for New York because it’s always so busy and so manic,” says Sarah Jones, as student living in Manhattan. “Nothing’s open. It’s like a ghost town.”

An explosion took place at Con Edison Plant in downtown Manhattan during the storm. In order to avoid less damage from saltwater, the electrical network beneath New York City cut power causing millions of people on the eastern shore to be left in the dark

Seven of New York’s subway tunnels under the East River have been flooded, causing transport via subway inoperable.

In a statement, New York City MTA Chairman Joseph Lhota said the city’s subway system had never faced a disaster quite as devastating as what was experienced last night – despite the system’s 108-year history.

The storm has caused President Barack Obama to cancel a third day straight of campaigning, as he remained in Washington to monitor the storm.

Listen to the full interview with Sarah Jones below.

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