Obama buys fuel for stranded Sandy victims

President Barack Obama has bought up to 22 million gallons of fuel to help drivers get back on the road following Superstorm Sandy.

The Department of Defense’s purchase included 12 million gallons of unleaded fuel and 10 million gallons of diesel fuel.

One of Sandy’s after-effects has been a diminished fuel supply for New York and New Jersey residents, as some gas stations have begun charging as much as $6 a gallon.

Inflated prices and large queues are causing tensions among drivers to grow, as motorists argue over their place in line.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) said the fuel purchase is part of a wider move to help the region get back on track after the Superstorm.

The President asked the Defense Logistics Agency to handle the transfer on Friday.

Fuel will be carried by tanker trucks and taken throughout both states and other areas affected.

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