Less than one week to go: Where are the candidates?

By Joshua Saunders

With six days to go until an election too close to call, the Republican and Democrat candidates split on different paths to drum up vital support.

President Obama will join New Jersey’s Republican governor, Chris Christie, to address TV cameras in the wake of Hurricane Sandy.

Both will be meeting the victims of the super-cyclone that has swept the Eastern Seaboard which has caused a reported 51 US fatalities at the last count.

Republican candidate Mitt Romney and his Vice-Presidential candidate Paul Ryan are set to travel to Florida, one of the key swing states this election, to carefully continue rallying support for the imminent election.

The way in which both presidential candidates respond to this natural disaster could prove to be a key issue for voters on November 6th.

Historically, at times of crisis, public approval ratings for the current president have soared dramatically. In the days following the September 11th attacks current President George Bush’s ratings rose by nearly 20% according to BBC statistics.

This could be useful for Obama, who’s shedding direct campaign duties to continue taking up the role of the commander of federal relief efforts. However, time spent away from fighting for the undecided battleground states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, New Hampshire, Ohio, Virginia and Wisconsin, could ultimately translate into more Republican votes.

Yesterday the candidates suspended their tours of the key swing states to gather and distribute food supplies for the families’ lives that have been desecrated by Hurricane Sandy.

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