Election worker accused of ballot tampering

By Sophie Clements

An election worker in Oregon was fired after she was accused of tampering with ballots. Deanna Swenson, who was working part-time in Clackamas County Oregon, allegedly voted for Republican candidates on two ballots where voters had left sections blank. County commissioners reportedly claimed they saw her fill in the blanks on Oct. 31; she was immediately dismissed.

Oregon Secretary of State, Kate Brown announced on Sunday that she is going to send in a second state elections official, who will watch over elections in the county. She stated that “Voters and Clackamas County elections officials need to know that we are keeping a very close eye on the processing of ballots.”

Website ‘270towin‘, who gather their information from the Public Policy Polling, state that Oregon State is most likely to vote for Democratic Obama, as they have done for the past six elections.


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