Romney declines offer of Presidential Youth Debate

By Oscar Tollast 

Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney has become the first presidential candidate to decline taking part in the Presidential Youth Debate.

The non-partisan youth civic-engagement program had featured the participation of every President and his opponent since 1996.

President Barack Obama and Romney were invited to take part in June to address millions of young people about issues that matter to them.

Romney has since declined this opportunity, becoming the first candidate in the organisation’s 16-year history to decide not to answer questions.

President Barack Obama has answered a number of questions via video, including on matters relating to higher education, student loans and the economy.

The organisation remains hopeful Romney will still provide a selection of answers before Election Day.

A new survey by the Center for Information and Research on Civic Learning and Engagement (CIRCLE) shows increasing numbers of youth voters are engaging with this year’s presidential campaign.

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