Romney keeping a low profile amidst Hurricane Sandy


By Gemma Mullin

While Hurricane Sandy sweeps its way along the east coast of America, Republican candidate Mitt Romney has decided to postpone campaigning.

The Romney campaign announced that they would be cancelling their event in Wisconsin last night out of sensitivity of those devastated by the storm.

Congressman Paul Ryan also cancelled events in Melbourne and Lakeland, Florida.

TV adverts for his campaign are still airing, but they have decided to suspend fundraising e-mails to the District of Columbia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Jersey, Maryland and New York. The Obama campaign have also stopped fundraising email’s being sent to states affected by the storm.

Romney’s campaign bus, normally used to cart him about, is instead being loaded with supplies and set for delivery in Virginia. In North Carolina, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania – all battleground states in the Presidential race-  are all expected to face Hurricane Sandy impact. Team Romney is collecting supplies at its campaign offices to aid local relief efforts.

On Romney’s Twitter and Facebook feeds and his website, the campaign has posted an appeal to supporters to make donations to the Red Cross.


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