Romney launches ‘Expand the Map’ to fundraise for his blue-state surge

 By Tazz Gault

Mitt Romney’s campaign has launched an ‘Expand the Map’ strategy to help deliver his message to ‘new states.’

First released on Saturday, Romney has pledged the need to raise seven million pounds in the next seven days to ‘defeat Obama’s billion-dollar machine.’

Those deemed ‘blue states’ and thought firmly in Obama’s stronghold are the ones on Romney’s list, who today saw the beginning of a flight of televised campaign ads for the GOP.

Minnesota, Pennsylvania, New Mexico and Michigan are all states that Romney is targeting, but are also those that Obama is counting on for re-election as traditionally safe Democratic territory.

It has been speculated that if pressure is piled onto Obama to defend the states he had seen as a sure win, he could become more vulnerable in crucial swing states such as Virginia and Ohio.

Romney has said that they have begun to see movement, particularly in Pennsylvania, making the run up to November 6 even more competitive. He insists that this is an extension to the momentum that has built up over the last few weeks, enabling him to expand the electoral map and reach the 270 votes needed.

Obama’s campaign manager, Jim Messina, has said that Romney’s attempt at injecting a case of the reds into traditionally blue states is a ‘sign of weakness for the Republican nominee.’

Senior adviser to Obama, David Axelrod, has even said he will ‘shave [his] moustache of 40 years if [they] lose any of these main states.’

Whatever momentum Romney had last week is thought to have stalled, but with this new aspect of his campaign, he seems to be up-keeping the energy and showing yet another level of confidence.

If elected, Romney proposes to create 12 million new jobs. By using the country’s natural resources, opening new markets for American goods and services, and to provide people with better skills to cut down unemployment are just a few tactics to do this.

Championing small businesses to then make America a place where companies want to open up shop and hire is also high on Romney’s to do list.

Romney’s proposals may not stand strong enough if he is serious about turning these blue states red, and instead he may need to spend time in these states to really have an impact. Whether this will happen or not is still speculation, and so people have been told to simply ‘stay tuned.’

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