Romney brings campaign to a close

By Jack Cozens

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney brought his campaign to a close yesterday evening in New Hampshire.

The former governor of Massachusetts and his wife were warmly welcomed by the crowd, who cheered for more than two minutes before allowing Mrs. Romney to begin.

Recounting the journey to Election Day, Mrs. Romney said: “Hope is on the way and it starts tomorrow.”

Romney, who has focused much of his campaign on the perceived failings of President Obama’s economic policies, asked for undecided voters to “look behind the speeches and all the attacks and all the ads and look to the record…Because talk is cheap, but a record is real, and it’s earned with effort.” – making a clear jibe at the incumbent President’s election slogan from four years previous.

He also accused Mr. Obama of poor leadership in office.

Romney said: “I’m not just going to take office on Jan. 20. I’m going to take responsibility for that office, as well.”

The GOP candidate closed his speech by reiterating that by electing him America would be undertaking a fresh start.

“Together we must lead America to a better place,” he said. “We’re only one day away from a fresh start, one day away from the first day of a new beginning.”

The 65 year old, however, will continue his trail today, touring Cleveland, OH and Pittsburg, PA, after he casts his vote in his hometown of Belmont (MA).

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