Social Media Selection: 01/11/2012

With five days to go, there is still plenty of time for the social media world to have its say on the upcoming election. In the lead up to November 6th we’ll try to bring you the top social media moments emerging from the campaigns.


The Twitter War

Twitter is playing an important role in this election. Not just as a forum for debate, but also as a tool for both the President and his opponent to use as a way of communicating with voters.

Seeing as Twitter may well have a say in who wins next Tuesday, it is important to evaluate what is happening on the social media site. @2012Twit is an account that has been set up to do just that.

It provides Twitter users with real-time election analysis. Here are some of the results from the last 24 hours:

Most Retweeted Tweet by Barack Obama

Most Retweeted Tweet by Mitt Romney

  Most Retweeted Mention of Barack Obama

Most Retweeted Mention of Mitt Romney


Top Tags








39 Reasons We Should Re-Elect President Obama

As shown in the Twitter analysis, this has proved to be the topic of a lot of online discussion in the last 24 hours. It stemmed from Barrack Obama posting his own list on his Tumblr site.

Twitter and Tumblr users were then asked to submit their own reasons, with the President’s favourites being posted on his blog. The most shared through various social media channels comes in photo form, and is shown below:

Sami’s Reasons


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