Superstorm Sandy turns websites offline

By Rosie Ngure

Many Americans were left without news coverage last night as Superstorm Sandy cut off the connection to a number of website servers.

The flooding of a data centre in Lower Manhattan, New York, and the loss of power contributed to websites Gawker, Buzzfeed, Gizmodo and The Huffington Post appearing offline.

After going temporarily offline, the websites found different ways of reaching their audiences – mostly through social media.



The Huffington Post also tweeted, “We’re having technical difficulties due to power outages. Working to get site back up. Newsroom still monitoring Sandy. Will keep tweeting.”

A large number of these websites have since been able to restore their normal service.

Meanwhile people from all over the world have taken to Twitter and Facebook to offer sympathy to the people of New York affected by the storm which hit US shores significantly over the past couple of days, reportedly leaving 38 people dead.

President Barack Obama has since declared a “major disaster” in New York and Long Island, and suspended his election campaign alongside Mitt Romney in the swing state of Ohio.

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