Redskins Rule Favours Romney

By Ash Hover

The Washington Redskins Rule has come down in favour of Mitt Romney.

The Redskins were thrashed by the Carolina Panthers 21-13 last night.  

The ‘Redskin rule’ has become widely known as one of the spookiest pre-election superstitions in US history, and the rule is a simple one.

If the Redskins win their last home game before election day, then the party in power gets to hold on to the White House. Vice Versa, if the Redskins lose then the opposition party take the reigns.

Since 1940, the superstition has only been proven wrong once.

The one exception to the rule came in 2004, when the Green Bay Packers beat the Redskins but George W. Bush held onto the presidency.

In 1976, one of only two Redskins home game defeats fell during this crucial match. True to superstition, the Democrats – led by Jimmy Carter – later took back the presidency from the Republicans.

While the polls indicate it will be neck and neck on election day, superstition has come down on the Republican’s side.

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