US majorities satisfied with campaign conduct

The majorities of Americans are satisfied with how each campaign of the US 2012 elections has been conducted.  According to poll by Gallup 58% of Americans are satisfied with the conduct of Barack Obama’s campaign and 54% are satisfied with Mitt Romney’s.

Satisfaction with Obama’s 2012 campaign has fallen by eight per cent since 2008. Where public satisfaction for the Romney’s campaign has risen by 14%. In the 2008 Elections Obama saw 66% of Americans praising his campaign where only 40% of Americans were satisfied with McCain’s, a record low.

Romney has improved since McCain, satisfaction levels for the Republicans are now close to Bush’s campaigns in 2000 and 2004, both achieving 58% and 55% respectively.  Obama has improved on John Kerry’s campaign performance in 2004 which 51% of Americans were satisfied with.

High proportions of Democrats are satisfied with the way Obama’s campaign is being conducted with 90% saying they are content with the campaign conduct. Similarly 89% of Republicans said they are satisfied with Romney’s campaign conduct.

Coincidentally the candidate who has the stronger proportion of public satisfaction appears to be the candidate who the public believe will win. In 2008 Obama had a stronger satisfaction level with 66% and 71% of American’s believed he would win. In 2004, more people were satisfied with George Bush’s campaign and Bush ended up winning the election. However, in these elections there was doubt about who would actually win with no more than 56% of Americans predicting one candidate as the likely winner.

The difference between 2008 and today is that where as before satisfaction levels for the Republican and Democrat campaigns were polarizing, today it is not that clear,  showing how close this election is.

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