Donald Trump’s deadline for Obama passes

By Jonny Byrne 

Donald Trump will not donate $5 million to a charity of President Barack Obama’s choice after the President failed to release his passport and college records.

Businessman Trump defined the President’s failure to respond as “one of the greatest cons in the history of American politics.”

In the video, he added, “All the president had to do is give simple documentation, simple paper, a few pages and a charity would have gotten $5 million, or substantially more.”

Obama had brushed off Trump’s remarks in an appearance on Jay Leno last week, joking the duo’s problematic relationship stemmed from a disagreement from when they “were growing up together in Kenya.”

Trump has often questioned Obama’s citizenship status and demanded the President release his birth certificate in April last year.

The White House released the President’s birth certificate hoping to put the matter to rest, but an announcement by Trump last week saw The Apprentice star demanding college and passport records.

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