Offensive rape comments affect presidential votes

By Sophie Clements, Marcin Bryszak, Hollie Borland

Republican state Treasurer, Richard Mourdock’s suggestion that a child conceived in rape was part of ‘God’s plan’ has further upset an already uncomfortably close Senate race.

The comment made at the end of October  has caused the Washington Post to change their senate projections, meaning that the Indiana senate race has changed from a ‘toss up’ to ‘lean Democratic’. Mourdock has began to regain some ground, making a come back from what was a major deficit. However it looks likely he will run out of time before he can get back ahead of his competitor, Representative Joe Donnelly.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has openly supported Mourdock and his comments, releasing a television advert. The republican candidate, has also spoken out about similar issues regarding abortion and has made it quite clear that he supports illegalising it. President Obama however has spoken out about how strongly he feels about women’s issues. Together, these points have swayed Indiana to vote Democrat Joe Donnelly 46% over to Richard Mourdock 42%.

A similar situation occurred in August, when Republican senate nominee for Missouri Todd Akin, said that “if it’s legitimate rape the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down”. Before he made these comments, himself and senator Claire McCaskill were tied at 45% a piece but by monday 5th November, McCaskill had an 8 point lead.

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