Stars out for Barack Obama’s last push

By Ben Fisher

President Barack Obama will use the charm and energy of rocker Bruce Springsteen to wow crowds in Madison today in an attempt to secure voters.

Obama has roped in ‘the Boss’ as well as avid fan and friend Jay-Z in a final attempt to pull in voters.

Barack Obama has dashed around Ohio, Wisconsin, Iowa, Virginia, New Hampshire, Florida and Colorado in an attempt to ensure victory of Mitt Romney

Republican leader, Romney, cites ‘a lack of leadership’ as the only difference between the two of them as they chase each other tirelessly in a bid to earn those crucial votes from undecided Americans.

A crucial state is New Hampshire, where the two candidates appear to be tied at 47 per cent each (WMUR) – suggesting Romney could be gaining on Obama.

Romney claims that they will take back the White House ownership, because they are going to win swing state Pennsylvania.

But Obama still holds the upper-hand, just. Obama has his nose in front of Romney, 48% to 47% nationally. He does however hold a tiny lead in one of the vital swing states, Ohio, where the president nudges in front by 2%.

All four of the key players, the presidential and vice presidential candidates, were in Ohio on Sunday.

Vice President Biden told voters in Lakewood, Ohio, that Romney “will say anything to win” opposed to his President, Obama, who “says what he means”.

In Cleveland, Ohio, Romney said undecided votes should “put aside the speeches and look at the record”, as he urged Americans to put their faith him.

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