Trump gives Obama 19 more hours

By Jasmine Allday

Donald Trump has given President Barack Obama an extra 19 hours to respond to his dubious deal, asking for the president release details of all his college transcripts and applications as well as his passport records.


Earlier this morning, Trump tweeted about the extension to over 1.7 million followers.

Last Wednesday, Trump announced he would honour his side of the deal, donating $5 million to any charity of the president’s choice, if the president would comply. Trump had originally set the deadline for today at 5pm EST (9pm GMT) but it has now been extended as Hurricane Sandy has battered the east coast of America, consuming most of the President’s daily schedule.

The President himself has made no comment on the deal but a senior official in charge of Obama’s campaign said: “He [Romney] has some responsibility for that behavior. I’m not saying that everything Donald Trump said in his life Mitt Romney should be responsible for; that’s a standard that no one should have to meet.”

Trump is an avid supporter of Governor Mitt Romney and in May this year, he was present at a fundraiser for the Republican candidate. Ever since the President was elected into power back in 2008, Trump has always called for more transparency from the White House. In a statement released via his official Facebook page, the businessman called Obama “the least transparent President in the history of this country.”


According to Twitter, Trump said there has been no word from Obama.

As the hours tick away, Trump and his organisation will wait with baited breath to see if the President shakes on the deal.


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