Voting machine glitches mar election

By Hailey Hammer and Hollie Borland

Numerous reports of  glitches with electronic voting booths in Pennsylvania and elsewhere across the US  threatened to mar most expensive election in history as tens of millions flock to the polls.

A video posted on YouTube showed an issue at a polling station in Pennsylvania where the voter pressed Obama’s name several times, but the computer kept selecting Romney.

It quickly made the front page of Reddit – where President Obama hosted an extended interview with voters this summer – and other news agencies started to report problems in different states including Nevada, Texas and Ohio.

Youtube user ‘centralpavote’ said he deliberately tried pressing the screen all the way down on where Obama’s name was written, without result. The screen would not allow him to select his choice.

However, NBC have confirmed that the faulty electronic voting machine in the video has been reinstated to the polling station in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvanian voters have already encountered confusion about a new voter-ID law – which was not due to come into effect until after the 2012 Presidential elections.

Allegheny County officials received complaints that Republicans outside a polling station in Pennsylvania were demanding identification from voters.

An Allegheny County judge has issued an order prohibiting individuals from questioning voters about any form of identification.

Pennsylvania has 20 electoral votes and has voted Democrat since 1988, but Republican candidate Mitt Romney has made a huge push in the area in recent days in an attempt to steal the state.

Frustrated Long Island resident Cheeny Ahmed, explained about the continual problems with machine voting:



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