Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell ad endorses Obama

By Brandon Farnan

Yesterday, comedy actor Will Ferrell released an amusing video urging people to vote for President Barack Obama’s re-election.

The video had Will Ferrel warning Americans of the impending election night, saying: “I will do anything to get you to go out and vote on November 6th.” while playing snooker to jazz music, dancing, and making ridiculous promises for Obama voters.

It has received 309,624 hits on the BarrackObamadotcom YouTube page, generating 3,301 likes and receiving positive comments.

Will Ferrell is not the first celebrity to urge Americans to vote. As November 6th draws closer, many celebrities have encouraged people to vote through commercials or short interviews. Obama himself has been urging voters to get in their ballots early as part of his campaign.

Samuel L. Jackson released his own commercial on YouTube titled “Wake the F*ck up“.

The actor has grown a reputation for constantly swearing in movies he features in, and the same is prevalent in this video where he talks about Obama’s and Romney’s policies and swears at unenthusiastic American citizens.

The video raised some criticism for using a little girl and having her swear in the video, but the commercial has generally received positive feedback for its humorous quality.

Action star Chuck Norris and his wife made a video appealing to Christian voters to go against Obama and socialism. The video, with a more serious tone than the attempts made by Will Ferrell and Samuel L. Jackson, received more negative feedback for using religion to convince voters.

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